• Dave at Lakeside Home Inspections provides fantastic customer service! He is professional, friendly and made the process simple and easy for us. Both his inspection and report were thorough and detailed and he explained to us anything about the home we didn't already know. Knowing Dave was taking care of our home inspection took a great stress off my shoulders. I knew he would provide quality work and he did so, above and beyond! Thanks Dave!

    Stefanie Bayley,
  • Dave is fantastic! He was very thorough in his inspection and explained all the details with me. I highly recommend him, and would use him again!

    Jane Boglis,
  • I was thrilled with the inspection - particularly the "high tech" methods you used! It has already come in handy - when filling out home insurance application forms, I was able to consult the handy dandy report online and got the answers quickly. Thanks! I will definitely use your services again...!



What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is a service providing information pertaining to a specific home. This information is broken down into categories including roofing, structure, exterior, heating, cooling, electrical, insulation/ventilation, plumbing and interior. It is a non-invasive inspection and is considered to be a “snapshot” inspection. Meaning that the inspection will include any defects found on that specific day. For example, storage in the basement on the day of the inspection may be covering a foundation crack that will be found on moving day.
How long does a home inspection take?
A typical home inspection can take anywhere from 2 1/2 hrs to 3 1/2 hrs. Many variables come into play such as, square footage, additional kitchen, more than usual defects, and any other anomoly.
Will you let me know if I should buy this home?
A home inspector can only offer his findings on the home, he should never offer an opinion as to whether to buy or not.
I don’t like waiting around, do I need to be there?
While you don’t have to be present at the home inspection, it is highly recommended that you do. Any issues that are found are better explained in person and any questions you may have are easier to answer. The walkthrough of the home with the client takes approximately 20 minutes, if you would only like to attend that specifically.